Optimized, Performant and Free Code

I started releasing addons because I hate seeing people spend hundreds of dollars on addons which could've been free.
My philosophy is: Minimalistic and optimized code. It should do one thing and it should do it well.

I have over 4 years of LUA and Linux Server Management experience. I already helped multiple communities to setup their server, optimize it and fix bugs. From database- over website- to server-management, I have enough experience in every field.

The source code for all these addons can be found at my github at https://github.com/OverlordAkise

A screenshot of Luctus HUD

Luctus HUD

A simple, highly efficient HUD compatible with hungermod, agenda and co.

Download HUD

sub pages

for a few addons I created extra websites

Luctus' Book

An exploit-finding menu that is designed to be undedectable and help you find exploits on your server.


Need help with your server? Have any questions? Want to learn?
Hit me up with a message! I am fluent in both german and english.