luctus' book


Luctus' Book is an anti-exploit menu written by OverlordAkise.
It features a small footprint with no gui and only one console variable, which makes it undetectable against all the currently available anticheat systems.
It is easy to use and should help a DarkRP server to secure and protect it's players and the server itself aswell.


Easy Code

It should be very simple to extend the script with even more exploits. If you find any please forward them to me so that they can be included here.


Only one file and only one console command makes it very lightweight and thus easy to use even if an anticheat system is present on the server.


All exploits were manually found and tested by me. In comparison to older exploit menus luctus' book has only new and working ones that are an active threat.


  • 67 Exploits
  • 1171 Lines of code only
  • 1 Console variable only
  • Servers helped
  • 22.04.2024 Last updated


Simply download the file with the button below and put it in your garrysmod/lua folder.

To execute it either use a 3rd party tool or, if lua_allowcslua is enabled,
type lua_openscript_cl book.lua into the console.
book open - to test for exploits
book read - to list available exploits
book cook 3 - Executes the 3rd found exploit