Install the gmodserver

Advantages of LinuxGSM

WARNING: Do NOT install it manually via steamcmd!

Please use LinuxGSM for installing a gmod server.

If you use the manual way with steamcmd you will have no logs of the server. This means if a problem occurs it is near impossible to find the root cause, because the logs are really bad.

If you use LinuxGSM you have the log/console folder where ALL the console output of the gmod server is logged. This way you can find ANY error on your server easily.

Advantages of using LinuxGSM:


Follow the guide on

If you have Debian11 running the commands are as follows:

#install dependencies
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386; sudo apt update; sudo apt install curl wget file tar bzip2 gzip unzip bsdmainutils python3 util-linux ca-certificates binutils bc jq tmux netcat lib32gcc-s1 lib32stdc++6 libtinfo5:i386
#create user
adduser darkrp
#switch to user
su - darkrp
#download linuxgsm installer
wget -O && chmod +x && bash gmodserver
#install gmodserver
./gmodserver install

That's it!

Afterwards you will have a running gmod server, with amazing logs and easy to use commands.

For commands to restart, etc. visit the operator guide on this wiki at /wiki/server/operatorguide

DarkRP Setup

First we will install the darkrp gamemode. If you do not need it then skip this section.

Use the following commands:

cd ~/serverfiles/garrysmod/gamemodes/
mv DarkRP-master darkrp

The commands, after reach other, will do the following:

After this you need the darkrpmodification addon aswell. Without it you can't configure the darkrp gamemode.
The install procedure is the same as the one above, so I will only mention the commands here:

cd ~/serverfiles/garrysmod/addons/
mv darkrpmodification-master darkrpmodification

LinuxGSM config

The config file for start parameters is at ~/lgsm/config-lgsm/gmodserver/gmodserver.cfg

The following is a standard linuxgsm config. You have to change the defaultmap, ip, workshop collection ID and gslt token.

To get the IP of your server you can use the command ip a. It is visible in the eth0 section.


Server config

The server config is at ~/serverfiles/garrysmod/cfg/gmodserver.cfg

In there you can configure

I highly recommend to set sbox_playershurtplayers to 1 or else PvP damage could not work.