Setup a DarkRP server

This "guide" is for people who just want to setup a DarkRP server.
Before we begin: Please do not buy any addons yet!
There will be many free addons mentioned that could save you money.

Installing addons

There are 2 ways to install addons on your server: Either via a workshop collection or by manually uploading the folder.
The workshop collection is easy: Simply get your steam api key and your workshop collection id and set it on your server.
If you upload addons into your addon folder you have to look out for a few things:

  1. Addon-folders always have to start with a small (lowercase) letter!

  2. The addon should not contain subfolders of addons.
    Good: addons/easychat/lua
    Bad: addons/easychat/easychat/lua

  3. You can remove the -master from your addon name. It's just there because you downloaded it from github.

  4. Try not to have spaces in your addon name. Replace them with a dash (-) or an underscore (_).
  5. Always add the appropriate content packs to your workshop collection. Players and the server need the content packs for addons to work properly. For example: Blue's Addons need content packs from the workshop here to work properly.

The 2 most important things are: The DarkRP gamemode itself ( and the modification addon for it (

Now to the real addons.
There are a few "must-have" addons that nearly every server has:

A few more, non important addons:

Addons you should NOT buy:

Free addons


In the garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg you should set the following:

Without this the players couldn't damage each other.
You should also set the tickrate to 33 and not 66. 66 creates more serverload at best and lags / crashes at worst.

In the darkrpmodification's settings.lua you should atleast change the following:

It is also a good idea to set sandbox restrictions. Those could be also set in the server.cfg file:

Don't forget to create a prop blacklist and toolgun blacklist!

Other checks

Server rules

Roleplay rules are difficult to get perfect, but they are easy to get right.
The best tip would be: Keep them simple and clean. Try to disable things ingame and not just add rules to prohibit them.

Example: Install an anti-bhop addon instead of prohibiting people to bunnyhop via a rule.
Here is a checklist of things to do better: